PDF The Whole Herb: For Cooking, Crafts, Gardening, Health and Other Joys of Life

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The historical value of herbs remains significant, but it is considered alongside sound, practical insights into their uses gleaned from the world of science. In Chapter 1, we will define herbs, review their facinating history, and sort through their many uses, past and present. Much herbal lore came to us from Europe, but Native American medicines and rituals have further enriched the history of herbs.

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Chapter 2 explores how herbs are used to make people feel better, whether their effects are enhancing well-being or curing illness. We will follow the story of healing herbs from its beginning, which can be traced back at least 3, years, and then look at how modern medicinal herbs are processed, packaged, and sold. If you grow your own medicinal herbs, methods for transforming them into teas or tinctures that can be stored until they are needed also get their turn in this chapter.

And, since few things are more important than your health, safety questions that pertain to medicinal herbs will be given careful coverage, too. If you want to be a better cook, Chapter 3 explains how to choose, use, and store fine culinary herbs, as well as how to combine them in classic dishes. You will learn which herbs go together and which ones do not, and you will be offered a buffet of great ideas for using culinary herbs. From how to make herbal vinegars to freezing sprigs of mint in cubes of cranberry juice, cooking with herbs is easy. When your hands itch for a creative project with herbs, Chapter 4 will get you going.

This is also the place to find information on using essential oils in massage and other forms of aromatherapy, and how to use herbs to turn a bath into a mood-altering experience. Chapter 5 takes you to the place where an herb-inspired heart naturally gravitates, the garden. Many herbs are very easy to grow, and some are so beautiful that you may hesitate to pick them.

For herb gardeners with greater aspirations, there are instructions for rooting stem cuttings and other methods of plant propagation. To bring together as much information as possible on individual herbs, Part Two provides comprehensive coverage of fifty-five essential herbs and shows how they are used for medicinal, culinary, aromatic, and ornamental purposes. As you discover new herbs, Part Two is the place to look for concise information about them.

Whether you want to use herbs to create better health, better meals, unforgettable fragrances, or a beautiful garden to behold when you look out your back door, this book is here to help. Approached with a curious mind and taken up by caring hands, herbs are good enough just as they are. This is something that you will discover each time you use herbs. Herbs are really very basic plants that have been serving people for a very long time. Expect to be pleasantly surprised with how comfortable it feels to include them in your life. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Condition: New.

Language: English. Brand new Book. The relationship between people and herbs has spanned the millennia--and what a relationship it has been! They are nature's pure and precious gifts to man. Each entry provides information on the herb's background, benefits, and uses, along with helpful buying guides, growing instructions, preservation methods, and safety information.

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Seller Inventory Book Description Square One Publishers, Book Description Square One Pub, Condition: Brand New. And, according to folklore, bounty-thorn the English folk-name for blackberries need to be picked by Michaelmas because that was the day that Lucifer was expelled from Heaven. Now according to folklore, once he was cast out, Lucifer promptly fell straight into a blackberry bush.

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Lucifer wasn't thrilled with it either. He supposedly cursed the blackberry fruit, making them unfit for consumption. So unless, you want to eat tainted blackberries, get them picked before Sunday. And don't forget, blackberries make a lovely pie or crumble. Thanks for listening to the daily gardener, and remember: "For a happy, healthy life, garden every day.

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  • The Whole Herb: For Cooking, Crafts, Gardening, Health and Other Joys of Life.
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  • The Whole Herb: For Cooking, Crafts, Gardening, Health and Other Joys of Life.

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