Guide The Ladybug and the Daisy-A story about a little bug that became more than she was

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Red ladybird with black spots on a leaf: Romangorielov, Dreamstime. Black ladybird with orange spots on leaf: Efired, Dreamstime. Save Avatar Randomize. More Like Insects. Scared of creepy crawlies? The Butterfly Life Cycle! See the fascinating transformation from caterpillar to butterfly!

When Twenty-Six Thousand Stinkbugs Invade Your Home

They may be small, but boy are these little critters powerful! Dung beetle facts! Roll away with our fab facts about this bonkers bug! This website uses cookies not edible ones! Cookies are small files that we send to your computer or mobile phone to make your time on our websites as awesome as possible. We hope this is okay but if not, you can opt-out using the button below. To find out more, read our Cookies Policy. Ask a parent or guardian to help you if you're stuck! Okay, accept cookies I don't want cookies Settings. Oct 21 pm. Heartthrob Hamster - Nature Cat's family is pet-sitting their neighbor's super cute hamster, Sir Galahad.

But when Hal "accidentally" knocks the top off the cage, Sir Galahad runs away, claiming he'll never go back in the cage, ever!

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It's up to Nature Cat and the gang to track down Sir Galahad, and get him in his cage before the owners get back. Astronuts - Nature Cat has a dream, to be first cat to walk on the moon. Daisy, Squeeks and Hal have always wanted to go to the moon too so they are in! But there's one slight problem how do they get to the moon? Daisy has an idea - they can build a rocket ship! Onward and yonward to the moon! Enter Nature Cat and his pals who come to the rescue, helping Chris and Martin Batt by building them their brand new home! Onward and keep-on-nature-adventuring-ward!

This is not good because in the winter, Brooks' food source of bugs and berries are very scarce. He needs to get south! Enter Nature Cat and his pals, who are up for the challenge of helping Brooks migrate south, but how are they going to fly him there?

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Oh Houston, we have a problem! But while on the way to the quiz, the gang hears a spooky scary noise in the forest that stops them in their tracks. What could it be?! And where is it coming from?! Nature Cat is convinced the forest is haunted. Daisy thinks there must be a more logical explanation. Time for a little scientific investigation! Cold-Blooded - Man-oh-man! Something keeps knocking over Daisy's precious Pinecone Pals!

Maybe it's the wind? Hal knows exactly who can protect the Pinecone Pals! But when the gang returns from a fun game of hide-and-go-seek, they find the Pinecone Pals knocked over again! Who keeps doing this?! Captain Pino thinks its time to launch an investigation and the good captain is right!

The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle Read Aloud

Time to look for clues. Cave Conundrum - While playing catch, Hal's beloved flying disc Harold is accidentally flung into a cave. Hal is so worried for his toy!

6 surprising facts about ladybugs

Nature Cat, Squeeks, Daisy and Hal must venture into the cave to find Harold, and along the way learn a little bit about cave exploration. Daisy's Colossal Fossil - While digging in her garden, Daisy unearths a giant fossil, which belonged to a Wooly Mammoth! Wondering about what life was like back then leads Daisy's imagination to take over as she and her pals go back to explore prehistoric times! Nature Cat and his pals find a cute, little baby lizard in their yard. The lizard, named Leeza, needs help because she is confused and lost, looking for the rest of her brothers and sister.

A Couple More Raindrops

Nature Cat and his friends will help this little cutie, but all Leeza knows is that she came from a dark, warm, cozy place where she had food. And after awhile it started to feel a little tight inside there and she had to break out of it.

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Sounds like she hatched from an egg! It's time for Nature Cat and his pals to help this little lizard find her nest. Onward and egg-ward! But getting rid of the beetles proves to be hard as his spider and ladybug friends aren't up for the task. And Ronald's only idea is using his very own bug spray "Ronald's Bugging Out!

When there doesn't seem to be any way to help his garden, an unlikely super hero arrives to save the day. Oct 12 pm. Oct 13 pm. Oct 14 pm. Look out world, Steve the Vole is not a happy camper! And he has every right to be upset because his burrow is gone. It was the perfect place to live. The dirt was soft enough to dig though and firm enough to hold his tunnels, but now it's just a giant hole in the ground! Who would take all that dirt, and why? Steve just wants his home back - is that so much for a little vole to ask for?

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Not to worry! Nature Cat, dirt retriever extraordinaire, is on the case. Onward and dirtward! Daisy needs some big-time help today.