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Cooking is one of the best kids activities because it engages the hands, the mind, the spirit, and the superpowers. Cooking boosts logic skills, math abilities, intuition, and artistic inclinations. Cooking opens a portal to a promising social life. Any way you cut it, cooking is a very valuable skill. Do your parents worry that you will never learn to cook?


Are they getting tired of fixing you breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Do they think you're old enough to get your own bowl of cereal? Parents, try a different approach! Get your kids cooking.

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The children will soon be serving the adults. Is a robe is a good or bad garment to cook in? Do you know how to start a compost pile?


Who is Philip K. You will find the answers to these questions and many more. This book is for anyone who wants to learn to cook and for anyone who wants to learn. Well, you are entitled to your feelings, but you are also entitled to master quiche-making. Psalm By contrast, Mary is put forward as the model of listening nos The Pope tells us outright that the obscure pages of the Bible will always remain obscure pages, but scholars and pastors can help us to understand that these pages have a purpose and a meaning in the light of the Mystery of Christ.

Benedict XVI pays homage to the work of exegetes, since all the demands of reason must be honoured and the texts must be respected. In explaining the connection between the Old and the New Testament, especially by the concept of fulfilment, which at the same time continues, ruptures and goes beyond the original, he underlines the importance of the encounter of Jews and Christians in the matter of reading the scriptures nos 40 and As monks and nuns we are more familiar with these two moments in the life of the Church, but we are strengthened and comforted by the concern which our Pope has for them.

So the liturgy is the privileged place where God speaks and human beings respond. The Pope devotes a great deal of space to the celebration of the Eucharist. He also prescribes that a homiletic directory should be produced. After the liturgy the Pope runs through the life of the Church with a fine air of optimism. In fact the Christian life is essentially marked by encounter with Jesus Christ who invites us to follow him With the Fathers of the Synod I express the living hope that a new reason for a great love of the holy scripture may flourish Benedict XVI deals with the prayerful reading of the holy scripture in nos He takes up the four movements of lectio divina which have been passed down to us from Guigo II, twelfth century monk of the Grande Chartreuse.

Here every individual must be open to being touched and questioned. Prayer is the first way in which the Word changes us.

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In monastic language we would say that contemplatio is the sweetness we sometimes experience in lectio. After this little treatise on lectio divina the Pope encourages the prayer of the Angelus, and finishes by mentioning the Holy Land, where Christian communities are living through major difficulties. The third part recalls that the Church is missionary.

By the coming of the Word we have received grace for grace. For Christians a grace is always a mission, that of announcing to the world a word of hope which can bring light to every condition and every situation of life nos It is a living Word which takes a stance for the poor, for justice, for the young, for migrants, anyone who is suffering. This list is all the more impressive in that for Benedict XVI it is not a simple list but makes concrete proposals. Even safeguarding creation is taken into consideration nos In the cultural domain the Word of God comes into dialogue with the world of art, culture, the media.

Indeed, it has a full place in inter-religious dialogue nos The Word flows forth from the Father and comes to dwell among his own, then he returns to the bosom of the Father to bring with him the whole of creation which was created in him and by him. This communion with the Father in Christ is a source of joy no We are writing all this to you that our joy may be complete. May this joy flood and transform our life so that we may communicate it to those with whom God grants us to share our life.

This is a being which cannot be communicated by explanations. To understand it from within it must be shared. A second difficulty is to be rigorously careful to avoid confusing the spiritual with the political. The very words are boobytrapped: it is complicated to speak of Israel theologically and at the same time to preserve the right stance towards the Hebrew State.

Furthermore, any mistake is costly; we will return to this point. This article aims to convey the specific experience of a Benedictine community in Israel, trying to live fully from the stock of the olive-tree onto which the Church is grafted. Of course this occurs through the Word of God. Once more, it is impossible to understand merely intellectually this vocation and the fruit it can bear.

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Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

The heart is involved, and we live heart to heart. This can happen and has its important place. But the essential is lived in a different way and communicates itself rather by osmosis, in the long and patient work of assimilation. Words used to express it can be no more than the tip of the iceberg. Without this word, no Israel. It will be repeated in each generation until, with Jacob, it issues in the gift of the name of Israel.

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  7. This foundational word beckons to another, the Covenant. If one follows this expression across the five Books of the Pentateuch, one finds that it reappears three times in the Book of Deuteronomy 7. This marks its conformity to God himself who alone is holy, indicating that such holiness no less than the choice itself is a gift wholly undeserved, in no way dependent on the real and visible virtues of this people. Even if they do not study Torah they are called children.

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    It was chosen from the verses of the Pentateuch to be the badge of Israel at all times and under every horizon. Listening takes place in the framework of transmission from one generation to another. Study of the Torah, prescribed for every man from the moment at which the child begins to speak until the day of his death[3] is not a solitary enterprise, but must be done first with his father and later with a master.

    The listener is brought into an uninterrupted succession from master to disciple since the gift of the Torah on Mount Sinai to the present day. Study of the tradition, of the Talmud, must be done in pairs, in company with a study-partner. It is only in the juxtaposition of several ways of viewing and understanding that a true listening, which brings out the truth, can be accomplished.

    The Hebrew word for this intellectual exchange is maloqet. These sparks bring life in the middle of death. Intellectual exchange, the perpetual game of question and answer which generates new questions is, then, the place of listening, the place of truth and life, far from all sleepy, sterile, dead thinking. According to Exodus The question of the practice of the commandments leads inevitably to the theme of the Land, for many of the precepts can be practised only in the Land of Israel, for example the annual pilgrimages for the three great festivals of Pesach, Sukkoth and Shavuoth, or the sabbatical year, the practice of leaving the land fallow every seventh year.

    This is a delicate subject which leads inevitably to politics, but there is no way that the link between the people and the Land of Israel can be understood without it. A profound partnership with monastic life runs through the themes evoked by the link between Israel and the Word of God.

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    At the origin of every monastic vocation is a contact with the Word, with Him who calls and chooses someone to belong totally to Him. The call is a totally undeserved choice, not earned, often not even looked for, but accepted in the most total liberty. It is a partnership in the transmission of a tradition which is not acquired by learning in solitude, but which necessarily comes through someone else by dialogue, face to face between the new arrival and the guide to whom he has been entrusted.

    In the best case of all this consists in a questioning on both sides, leading to a new life. And finally this monastic listening is not authentic unless it is accompanied by obedience and by practice which is often not understood or is even thought impossible. Manual labour and the need to earn a living are essential for any community which wants to persevere and lead a balanced life. Other items could be added to this list of the tradition capable of leading the Jewish root of the Christian tradition to perfection.

    There is something vital for Christian and monastic tradition in this contact with the people of Israel and its way of listening to the Word. It is welcome news to hear that in our days many monasteries are open to this treasure.

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    The speciality of our community at Abu Ghosh is this listening to the Jewish tradition and to Israel today. It is the reason why the first brothers and sisters were sent into this land. This is where we rebuild the link with the people and Land of Israel, and our specific vocation can be lived in no other way.