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If you are running the event at a bar or restaurant, then you should be covered. Have the teams raise money for the cause before the event. Make it into a contest, and award the team that raises the most money with free entry, a trip, or something that will encourage them to raise as much as possible.

Step 1- Choose a time that works for your audience

You can even create an entire category around the company. Have a local business sponsor the championship trophy and even engrave the company name that will ensure sponsorship for the following year. Sell mulligans. People will bring cash to the event remember rule number one?!

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The night itself should be able to at least double your registration fees. To best accomplish this you will need one or more bankers — people whose job it is to collect cash from people and keep a record of it.

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Sometimes people will want to contribute more than they have in their wallets — let them! Except for merchandise, accept IOUs for anything during the night.

How to Make $50 A Day AUTOMATICALLY With Quizzes! {AUTOMATED}

Then tell then you know that often times people will come with cash in their purse or wallet, ready to spend it. Tell them the accurate grand total and remind them that your success was because of their willingness to help your cause. Trivia nights can be great fundraisers for charities, clubs or causes.

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Remember rule number one and push hard to make thousands from a single night. Adapt to your local environment, but never forget rule number one: 1. Remember that this is a fundraiser. Find new people.

How to Promote Your Quiz Night

Never use your normal email address for entries as you run the risk of it being flooded with spam. Instead, set up a dedicated email account for comping. Middleton also highlights the supermarket as a good place to look for competitions to enter.

go For those who want the chance to win some regular cash and socialise at the same time, there's always the good old pub quiz. Tens of thousands of quizzes or trivia nights are held across the country each week. If you want to be successful on the pub quiz circuit, you'll need to assemble a crack team of experts.

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A diverse group of varying ages and specialist subjects works best. You need to find the pub quizzes with the best cash prizes.

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Ian Woolley runs Quiz Britain quizbritain. Mostly it's 'cashpot to the winners', which can be a lot depending on how many are playing. Better still is when there is a 'guaranteed' first prize. Popular pub quiz nights can draw a big crowd, so expect to see a big winner's prize. Have you ever dreamed of growing your own fruit and vegetables or rearing hens or bees for an endless supply of eggs and honey?

It may sound idyllic, but just how achievable is the good life — and will it save you any money? Do you fancy being a house-sitter, caring for other people's pets while you earn extra cash? Or do you need a sitter for when you're away? Either way, here's everything you need to know. Make money from being a quiz whizz.