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Most likely, you will receive a letter or telegram, which will greatly please you. Sometimes an angel in a dream means spiritual growth. But in this case you have to rely on own strength.

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If you see a guardian angel, it means that the protection is provided to you by the higher powers. All the problems in your life will go away by themselves, sadness will be forgotten, and the anxiety will disappear. If you dream that you are an angel, a dream means that one of your dear people is in dire need of assistance, and you are able to provide assistance, do not refuse.

To dream of an angel who cries, means that you need to think about own actions.

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Perhaps you did something about which you will soon bitterly regret. If an angel is smiling, this dream foretells you true love. If you dream of a black angel, you will be tortured by doubts. Do not doubt the correctness of own actions. Do not be afraid of anything and do not regret. Your intuition will tell you the correct output, just listen to it. To dream of an angel, who calls you to follow it, it is a sign of serious illness.

You or your relative might catch some disease.

A Warm Welcome

For a woman, to dream of an angel in human shape, it foretells her loving husband and a happy marriage. If angel is seen by a man in the dream, it is a signal that his subconscious desires for romantic relationships. Angel armed with a sword warns you about the evil actions, which you will regret about. Angels bring happiness, protection, and love from the universe. They can symbolize, good luck, and bring death and rebirth to someone in your waking life.

Angels are a sign of spiritual growth and the attainment of wisdom.

Angels are messengers bringing you answers from the universe and your subconscious. They serve as a reminder to what you have locked away in your soul. The more angels that appear in a dream, the more important it is you listen to their message. You have the wisdom within. You already know the answers. Seeing an angel means you will solve the problem easily or recover quickly from an illness.

Seeing an angry angel warns you could have a huge loss. Several angels signify joy and happiness will enter your life. Being guided by an angel warns there may be a separation of some kind in your waking life. Walking among angels confirms you have loyal friends who are there when you need support.

How Guardian Angels Send Messages in Dreams?

Angels visit your dreams to bring protection and good news to your life. Angels are a good sign. They may bring you disappointment when you wish to harm another. A dream of an angel approaching is a message of good news. This will come soon and will change your life in a positive way. Be prepared for prosperity to enter your life. Seeing a guardian angel or touching its wings means there will soon be peace and harmony in your waking life.

Angel's Dream

All the stress and anxiety will melt away as your problems simply disappear. Has this been a time of great worry and stress for you? This is a message to let you know you are protected by universal powers. Have faith and all will soon be well. Dreaming of being an angel is a sign there are people close to you who need your help and support. It is a reminder you are in a position to help. They may not have the ability to ask you for help.

A crying angel is a warning to take a look at yourself and the way you are behaving.

Dream Messages from Angels

Have you been treating others with selfish arrogance? Is there something you have done that you regret? A smiling angel brings news you will soon find your soul mate. This is great news if you are single. If you are in a relationship, this can mean you rekindle the romantic flame. A black angel in a dream reflects the torturous thoughts that fill your mind and heart. You may be filled with self-doubt.

This is a sign that you should not doubt yourself. There is nothing to fear. This is a stark reminder to listen to your intuition for perfect guidance. Have faith in your gut instincts. A woman dreaming of an angel in human form symbolizes a husband and a happy marriage and family life. You have a lot to look forward to.

Additional Angel Dream Symbols

A man dreaming of an angel can mean he is craving for a romantic relationship. This can mean you need to be more open with your feelings. An angel carrying a sword warns there are evil people you trust simply working against you. It can also warn you are about to do something evil that you will regret for the rest of your life. Stop and consider what you are about to do. Is it worth it? If you are a Christian then the angel can indicate that God is watching out for you and protecting you while you sleep.

It can reflect your guardian angel that has your back even when you are not awake.

Angel Dreams: Dream Interpretation Dictionary

God could be reminding you that you are not alone, and someone is watching out for you. Note : If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.

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