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Ten Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur

On-campus courses require one meeting per week for eight weeks. No GMAT or thesis is required. Aquinas College is a private, nonprofit college established in and located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, about 68 miles roughly west-northwest of Lansing, MI. The MM program requires completion of 39 credits 13 courses , with 27 allotted to CORE curriculum and 12 towards the concentration. The program can be completed in 18 months full-time , and 24 months to include the Marketing concentration. Part-time option up to seven years exists.

Drake University is a private, nonprofit university established in and located in Des Moines, Iowa, about miles roughly north-northeast of Kansas City, MO. It was originally affiliated with the Disciples of Christ but is nonsectarian. The MBA program requires 39 total credits, with 21 applied to core courses, six to the Foundations of Decision Making courses, nine to the Marketing specialization, and three to professional development seminars. Contact school for course specifics. This is a hybrid program, with some courses on campus and others available online.

Rivier University is a private, nonprofit university established in and located in Nashua, New Hampshire, about 45 miles roughly northwest of Boston, MA.

Two schools encompass these divisions and their departments: Undergraduate and Professional Studies; Graduate Studies. The program requires 36 total credits, with 27 credits nine courses allotted to core business administration courses and nine credits three courses for the Marketing concentration one of three available.

This is an online program. For the marketing concentration, nine credits are required, consisting of three courses: Digital Marketing and Analytics; Sales Management; Strategic Brand Management. Grand Canyon University is a for-profit university established in and located in Phoenix, Arizona, the capital of the state and part of the metropolitan area nicknamed the Valley of the Sun.

It was originally founded by Arizona Southern Baptists as Grand Canyon College, a non-profit institution, but has been for-profit since Feb This credit program combines courses in accounting, finance, management, business statistics, economics and marketing.

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  • Skills, Concepts, and Opportunities Gained with an MBA Degree;

Most of the grad courses are worth four credits each and are approximately 8 weeks in length. Some of the core MBA courses may be available online. Saint Leo University is a private, nonprofit university established in and located in Saint Leo, Florida, about 34 miles roughly north-northeast of Tampa, FL. It was founded as a Catholic college the first in Florida by Benedictine monks and named after Pope Leo the Great, later recognized as a saint.

The MBA Marketing program is 36 credits, with 21 for business core courses and 15 for Marketing courses. There is an additional 3-credit Internship course. The certificates cover similar topics and can be taken separately with other eligible degrees. All four programs are online only. The MBA programs can be completed in as little as one year. Students who already have a graduate degree and complete either certificate will receive 18 credit hours, which makes them eligible to teach topics covered in that certificate.

Web Analytics; Data Mining. University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth is a public university established in and located in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, about 31 miles roughly southeast of Providence, RI. Collectively, they offer 59 majors and 55 minors for undergrads, and more than three dozen graduate-level programs degrees and certificates..

The UMD MBA requires a total 30 credits plus foundation courses , with 21 credits seven courses for core curriculum and nine credits three courses for business electives, including specializations such as the Marketing option. A GPA score of 3. The MBA program is available online.

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Check site for differences in requirements between the online and traditional MBA programs, as well as availability of specialization options. Duration for the online MBA is five consecutive semesters two courses per , plus time for any foundation courses. However, some students can complete the program in less time. Wilmington University aka WilmU is a private university established in and located in New Castle, Delaware, about six miles roughly southwest of Wilmington, DE, and about 38 miles roughly southwest of Philadelphia, PA. The MBA program requires 36 total credits, with 21 for core requirements and 15 for the concentration in Marketing Management.

That is, seven core courses, three concentration courses, and two concentration electives. The majority of courses for the MBA program and Marketing concentration are available online. The exception is one of the concentration electives, Salesmanship and Sales For Management.


Collective Articles for your MBA: Strategic Management & Business Policy by Kurt Grashaw

The MSM with Marketing Concentration is also 36 credits in total, with 18 credits six courses for the core, 12 credits four courses for the concentration, and six credits two courses for electives. The MSM is available online. Post University is a for-profit university established in and located in Waterbury, Connecticut, about 30 miles roughly southwest of Hartford, CT.

It was originally founded as Post College. Burker School of Public Service and Education. Most courses are three credits each. For the Multidisciplinary concentration, students take four level courses from any of the available MBA concentrations. So Marketing could be combined with, e. The grad certificate is 12 credits and covers the same curriculum as the Marketing Concentration. Note: all graduate programs are either evening and weekend on-campus or online. It has affiliated colleges in Iowa and Vietnam and specializes in distance and online academic programs.

The MBA program has a requirement of 36 credits, of which 24 credits are for core courses eight and 12 credits four courses are for the Marketing Concentration. The program is entirely online, like the rest of the CSU programs. The grad Marketing certificate consists of the same four courses offered by the Marketing Concentration and is also online.

Harrington College of Fine Arts and Humanities. The program requires between credit hours, with nine credits for foundation courses; 28 for MBA core courses; and credits for Emphasis Areas. The Marketing Emphasis requires nine credits in graduate level marketing courses. Eligible students must have an undergrad GPA of 3. The program can be completed in as little as one year, though is designed as a two-year program. Courses are offered on campus in Canyon, TX, and also mostly at night at the Amarillo campus. The entire program is available online.

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Collectively, they offer over 95 accredited areas of study at all levels. The MBA program consists of 42 credits, 30 of which are core courses that cover topics such as information research, ethics, economics, management, accounting, finance, supply chain, and business planning and launch. The remaining 12 credits are allotted for the concentration — in this case Marketing. Minimum duration to complete the MBA is 16 months, and courses are 8 weeks each.

There are six start dates per year and students can study full- or part-time.

Game Theory: The Science of Decision-Making

Courses are available online and most of 17 Concentrations require no on-campus presence check site for details. No GMAT is required for admission. These 30 Colleges are Reversing the Rise in Tuition. The Best Colleges. The Lowest Costs. The Highest Returns. Find Your Degree! So, for example, 1 Regent has the lowest in-state tuition, and 6 UMD has the second-lowest, since they have the two lightest-colored in-state tuition bars. T0: Label track: rank and school abbreviation purple lozenges. T Heatmap track of age of school: orange-reddish arcs.

The darker the arc, the older the school. T Student population histogram blueish bars. Clockwise: total students, undergrads, grads. So 8 GCU has the most students. T Rank track: added for reader convenience.

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  5. Note: Some bars may be very faint for some computer screens. Color and brightness of any one value is relative to all 25 schools. Student population: Campus setting: City: Large.

    How Much Does Northeastern’s Online MBA Program Cost?

    Campus housing avail. Andrew Johnstone-Burt: Graduates of the Advanced MBA program will be equipped in the very leading thinking of business management in the digital era. This is crucial.