Guide Basic Rug Hooking: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started (How To Basics)

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Read More. We offer classes, patterns, kits, books, quality wool, rug yarn and supplies needed to help you get started.

ISBN 13: 9780811733915

Once you learn the basics, you can go on to create pillows, footstools, purses, seat cushions, and design rugs of your very own. A few weeks ago Dan Nielsen from the Record Eagle stopped in the studio to find out what we do. I enjoyed meeting with Dan and I thought he did a great job writing the story.

Hope you enjoy it too! Instead, she teaches people how to create rugs that frequently end up hanging on the wall. After some measuring and consulting about the design, I drew a small sample so that I could play with the color palette. I wanted softer, more muted colors to add to the antique look.

A variety of Reds on a gray background, blues on tan background, some diamonds outlined, some plain.

Wool Fabric

I also enjoyed mixing lighter values and different textures between the diamonds. The gold-colored crosses completed the pattern and were the grid lines. With my small sample done, I was satisfied with the size of the blocks, the color scheme and the general layout of the rug so I moved on to tackle the big, blank piece of linen. Using a pencil, I drew a grid of lines so that I would get my diamond shapes straight. I knew the rug would get heavier the more I hooked so I started in the center of the rug and worked toward each corner.

This is the final place for my special love. An antique house with antique furniture and a new antique hooked rug. Marti has been coming to Rug School for many years and decided to cross over to the dark side to help us when we are on the road. So here is the first of many cartoons that we will be featuring on our Blog over the coming months. My hooking buddy, Suzi Prather, and I live less than 15 miles apart, so we get together regularly to hook, talk hooking, dip into dye pots, and imagine and plan future projects.

Suzi taught me her beautiful formulas and great dyeing methods, and showed me how to get specific colors. Suzi is so fortunate to have had a master dyer for a mentor and for such a great friend! After a wonderful day of steam, chatter, and skill building on my part check out what we did! They're so beautiful that I don't want to unbundle them or use them! It just makes me happy to look at these lovely pieces. Aren't these just gorgeous?

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The class is essentially about developing designs for ourselves from our photos, using the camera as an important tool, and exploring our own creativity. One of my favorite quotes which is on my studio wall is one by Henry Ward Beecher. One of the lessons I have learned from traveling around the world with photography workshops is that we all have an individual perspective on the world we see around us and our creative spirit and individuality comes out not only in what we choose to capture in a photo but how we see it and photograph it.

For example, I love pictures of tree bark and roots, but others may choose to photograph the entire tree or just the leaves. In any case, we have our photos as a basis of original designs which capture what we select and lets us play with unlimited possibilities in our art. Whether you like wide cut, fine cut, primitive, abstract, realism, impressionism, vivid colors, subdued tones, architecture, nature, geometric, etc.

How to Rug Hook w/ Darci Spilman, Woolen Folk Artâ„¢

I will introduce participants to basic photography guidelines and ways to "think outside the box" with some fun field work taking some photos ok, more like a scavanger hunt! We will share photos and ideas. Other topics include copyright laws and design basics. Our only limits will be time and our own imagination! Come play and learn!

Beware however that photography can be addictive That's right. This article is going to teach you to dye like a pro in 5 mins! More likely an amateur, but hey, at least you are doing it Therefore, I am really teaching you to dye in 3 minutes. Begin time now. I have a short attention span and am therefore quickly on to the I also learn best by doing. These two things make it incredibly difficult to teach me anything. I often say to people "tell me everything you know in 5 mins or less". First, she looked at me like I have 5 heads she does that a lot , then she said the following:.

Your Done! Here is what came out of my pot the first time I dyed. Obviously, there is much more to dyeing than this.


Fiber Festival Workshops

How do you get the color you want? Dip dyes, spot dyes, swatches. There are also best practices in dyeing and things you shouldn't do. How to keep you and your equipment safe, etc.

Western Canada's Rug Hooking School

But use the above notes to get started and play. See if you even like the process. Not sure how to build your at home dye kitchen? I wrote a blog on that too! Read "Set up your dye kitchen in 5 mins or less If you decide you do like dyeing and want to learn more, take Suzi's dye class at Green Mountain Rug School this June! This class will cover how to do the Basic braid, add braid to your hooked piece and how to finish with a butted or tapered end. Skills learned -Fabric choice and preparation -2 different starts to braiding -Braiding and Lacing -Taper and Butt endings -attaching a braid to a hooked piece Students will be required to bring a hooked piece[up to 18 inches in size, round or rounded corners preferred, plus assorted wool fabric to compliment their piece.

Starter kits will be available from the instructor. They will include clamp,lacer,lace and 1 yard of wool fabric. The kit allows you to make one basket or seat pad.

Where Inspiration and Creation Meet

I will have wool for sale ,as will the other vendors ,for other projects. It takes one yard of fabric to complete a square foot of braided rug. Please feel free to bring more than one hooked piece to frame or bring yardage to braid.